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asia animation Ltd.
2D and 3D animated movie
Martial Arts and Action
100 mins
Animated Movie “Storm Rider – Clash of Evils” is adapted by Hong Kong famous comic “Fung Wan” and produced by Puzzle Animation Studio by 5 years of hard work, which aims to be the representative for high quality Chinese animation movie.The World Fighting Association is under the rule of Conquer, a dictator within the material arts world. Conquer, however, is a destined to face the challenge of his two disciples – Wind and Cloud. Wind, who has inherited the “Ice Heart Knack”, a martial arts skill from ancestry, takes the blood of Flame Kylin in order to kill Conquer. However, if he fails to control the demons deep inside his blood, he will kill everyone, even the innocent, Wind and Cloud have a deal that if Wind cannot control himself, Cloud has to stop him by killing him. At the end, Conquer was killed but that was only the beginning of the rise of Sword Worship Villa owner Jue…